In My Ear, In My Year: September 20-26

September 27, 2012

A shameful blend of music that took over my week


*I despise Nicki Minaj, but this song’s hook is too damn catchy. After having that accursed song stuck in my head for three days, I discovered that my girl Lindsey Stirling (with some help from Megan Nicole, whose solo cover I found first) covered it and I nearly flipped. It’s still a little autotuned, which I hate. Truth be told, Jess Moskaluke’s version is my favorite. It would be even better if it was paced slower.

**I was reminded of this song when I heard it over the radio and started listening to it. When Mumford * Sons’ new album came out with a cover of this song, I knew it was destiny. As much as I love Mumford & Sons, the original version leaves a larger impact.


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